Understanding is Everything.

At our core, AGI's mission is to democratize information with true intelligence to equalize opportunities that benefit all humans.

AGI is anything but traditional.

AGI takes a completely novel approach to achieving true general intelligence. Unlike the current AI systems that exist today, we are built to solve infinite problems across infinite applications. Tomorrow’s challenges may be unknown, but our system is future-proof – AGI is where coherence approaches truth at scale.

And it all starts with our brilliant co-founder: Jerry Zhang. In the late 1980’s, Jerry left his AI (or as it was known, Expert Systems) PhD program to start his own technology company. In 2007, after several successful exits, Jerry reignited his AI torch. He spent several years developing a thesis culminating in a 63-page white-paper outlining what is now AGI's intelligence system based upon universal language understanding. In a lab environment on a three-year-old laptop, his intelligent system outpaced all the FAANG teams, IBM Watson, and 173 other research labs on the Stanford SQuAD Test. 

After teaming up with Kurt Bonatz, a CPA and serial entrepreneur, AGI was born in 2020. Since then, AGI has worked to establish a research institute to further Jerry’s Nobel Prize worthy discoveries moving to Quantum Structured Sciences.

AGI is headquartered in Austin, TX.

Completely revolutionary, we’re the first firm to solve general intelligence. The revolution is real.

Jerry Zhang and Kurt Bonatz standing before a lake, a city and skyscrapers in the background

The Proof is in the Fund.

We want to let you in on a little secret. To fund the company, we’re putting our money where our mouth is. We utilize our super intelligent system to read and invest in the stock market–and let’s just say we’ve significantly outpaced the market. Simply put, the proof is in the pudding.

Still don’t believe us?
We’re used to that.

Schedule time to see our intelligent system in action, because sometimes seeing IS believing. We can’t wait to show you.

Our human intelligence

Jerry Zhang
Chief Science Officer & Co-founder

Identified a child prodigy in China, Jerry  graduated at at the top of the “Genius Class” of The University of Science and Technology of China. He is an expert in cybersecurity and artificial intelligence, especially in the field of natural language understanding. Over 25 years of successfully founding and running high tech companies along with numerous achievements including: Universal Learning Mechanism technology (patent pending), Multi-Dimensional Cyberspace Security technology (patent pending), and Dynamic Two-way auction system patent. MS of computer science from Syracuse University and BS in computer science from China University of Science and Technology.

Kurt Bonatz
Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Kurt has a successful track record of founding, investing, and selling businesses in Future of Work, Mobile, and Services over the last 25 years. For ten years, Kurt served as a CPA/CFE/CISA working for Andersen and Deloitte in Assurance and Risk Management along with being head of Internal Audit for a $1B Public Risk Management Company. He grew his  first company to 150 employees in three years and sold to a PE Group. He was instrumental in growing the business to $135M in revenue. Kurt has significant experience in enterprise sales and superpower of finding and building teams.  BS in Acct Clemson University – student athlete.

Nick Ogurtsov
Investor & Advisor

Nick is currently a board member, advisor, active investor in many other start up companies; on the Investment Committee of Tribeca Early Stage Partners. He serves as the Chairman of Lukka, a blockchain software and data company recently valued at over $1.3 billion. Nick has had a long, successful career on Wall St, including being COO and CRO of a publicly traded company, KCG; Board member of DTCC; Managing Director and Global Head of EMM Trading at UBS Investment Bank and more.

Genevieve Bos
Investor & Advisor

Genevieve is a technology entrepreneur who has built and sold IdeaString, the world’s first social innovation and collaboration SaaS platform; and PINK, the first national magazine and website devoted to professional women. She is currently the Co-Founder and CRO of Poplar, a SaaS Yield as a Service fintech that automates 3-20% on idle cash for businesses. Genevieve serves as a board member for multiple transformative technology companies including Optios, Neuroperformance SaaS for the finance industry, Softwear Automation (sewing machine robotics), Steady (on demand jobs), and the Miami Ad School (global advertising & design school with 14 locations).

Evan Hirsh
Investor & Advisor

Evan is a independent consultant with over 30 years in management consulting, primarily at Booz Allen Hamilton/Booz & Company/Strategy& (PwC). He brings an objective, analytic perspective, combined with unusually broad and deep experience across industries and companies, to performance improvement and strategy challenges. He has worked with over 200 clients across dozens of industries and has particular expertise in industrial and automotive businesses. He has led many due diligence and post-merger/post-acquisition programs, for both private equity and strategic investors.